Mini Musicians

Mini Musician classes are a colourful and child friendly approach to developing the natural musicality of small children. The classes use the Colourstrings method, which is based on Kodály’s approach to music education. Kodály believed that all musicianship training begins with singing, in order to develop the inner ear, and this training should ideally begin very early on, with parents singing to their children! Kodály famously said that ‘Music education begins nine months before the birth of the mother,’ and we welcome babies from birth, up to age 7.

In classes, the children learn through singing, rhymes, clapping, using percussion instruments, dance and movement, listening to live and recorded music, and games. Whilst the goal of the classes is to make music fun, the children are unaware that they are learning key musical concepts (such as pitch, pulse, rhythm, dynamics, melody and harmony) in a structured way.

The classes are also designed to help prepare children for learning an instrument (normally around age 6-7), by teaching them to sing in tune; develop a good sense of rhythm; and by teaching them to read music notation. This helps to stop many of the frustrations that beginners encounter when they learn an instrument.

Classes last for around 45 minutes and are taught by experienced and qualified Kodály music teachers. Cost per class is £4 for non-walkers and £7 for toddlers and older, with payment due in advance of a half term. Non-walkers are free if they have an older sibling attending classes.

Our current classes are:

– Sunday 10:30am (0-4 year olds)
– Monday 11am (Toddlers)
– Monday 4pm (4-7 year olds)
– Monday 5pm (6-9 year olds – advanced)
– Wednesday 11.30am (3-4 year olds)
– Wednesday 4pm – Introduction to Violin (5-7 year olds)
– Thursday 10am (Non-walkers)
– Thursday 11am (Non-walkers)
– Friday 11am (Toddlers)
– Saturday 9.30am (4-7 year olds)
– Saturday 10.30am (Toddler)
– Saturday 11.30am (0-4 year olds)

– Monday 9.30am (0-4 year olds)

– Tuesday 2pm (0-4 year olds)

– Tuesday 10am (Non-walkers)
– Tuesday 11am (Toddlers)

Port Erin
– Thursday 11.30pm (0-4 year olds)

Contact us for details on location and availability.

We are very grateful to be supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council and Culture Vannin.

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